Waverley's Conservative opposition has expressed "surprise and regret" that the joint chief executive of Waverley and Guildford Borough Council has given notice of his resignation.

This announcement, reported here, comes soon after the resignations of two joint chief financial officers in quick succession over the last few months. While the councils search for a new permanent replacement, an interim chief financial officer has been recruited at a cost of £930 per day. 

Nearly two years ago the Lib Dem-led administration at Waverley entered into a collaboration agreement and shared senior staff arrangement with Guildford Borough Council.

The council's Tory opposition claim this arrangement is now falling apart.

Guildford is in the midst of financial problems with allegations of fraud and staff dismissal, financial accounting errors and the strong possibility that the council will need to issue a Section 114 notice – effectively declaring bankruptcy. 

The Conservative group says Waverley Borough Council will now have to find a new chief executive who is also willing to take on the job of managing a failing Guildford Borough Council, as well as running its Waverley neighbour.

Waverley Conservative group leader, Councillor Peter Martin said: “The Conservative Group did not support the collaboration arrangements with Guildford. Substantial financial problems have been uncovered at Guildford Borough Council. Senior staff are resigning.

"That is creating an un-necessary risk and uncertainty for Waverley Borough Council and the communities and businesses it is solely there to serve.  The time has come to re-think this arrangement. The Lib Dem-led administration needs to act now."