The Centre of Complementary Medicine is moving to a new home after four practitioners came together to form a partnership.

When the Bran Tub, a health and whole-foods retail, closed its doors, it threatened to take The Centre with it.

But four practitioners bought a new home for its staff and patients.

The new Centre will be located on 13B Dragon Street – it is bigger, allowing for an expansion of services and parking for those who require greater accessibility.

Shanagh Telford, The Centre’s owner and one of its four saviours, said: “The move is really exciting – it means we can take the centre to a whole new level.”

The other three practitioners who have bought the new building are: Carina Petter, Josephine Luard and Wendy Mader.

Ms Telford said: "The aim of buying 13b Dragon Street is to secure the long term future of The Centre and thereby continue to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community of Petersfield and the surrounding area."