IT'S fair to say they've carved themselves a reputation over the years for growing some pretty impressive pumpkins.

And the crop of 2014 didn't disappoint, as the warm September meant there was a bumper harvest for the Petersfield Pumpkin Growers.

There was a good turnout at The Half Moon pub in Sheet on October 6 for the group's 38th annual competition, which produced some colossal entries.

Simon Crew took the crown for the heaviest pumpkin with his 91-pound behemoth, with Dorothy Boorer (76.5lbs) and Ian Huxley (66lbs) coming second and third respectively.

Bob Keevil collected the matched pair award while the Best All Round Pumpkin gong was handed to Sophie Lees.

The pumpkin competition award-winners are pictured. They are (from left) Bob Keevil, Ian Huxley, Simon Crew, Dorothy Boorer and Sophie Lees.