RAKE Primary School celebrated its 125th anniversary with a packed timetable of events to mark the occasion. A Victorian day and a grand summer fair were just two of the highlights of a busy week, during which many familiar faces from the school's past paid a visit. On Wednesday, Victorian school days were relived, with pupils and staff dressed up for the occasion in traditional clobber. And the school opened its doors to visitors, including parents, staff and school governors, as well as former pupils from as long ago as the 1930s, for the historic occasion. A school spokesman said that more than 100 guests turned up throughout the day to share in the tribute to yesteryear. Pupils were drilled in the way they would have been in the late-1800s, when the first classes attended the then newly-founded school, with lessons including history and learning the times tables. Primary school headteacher John Arnold, whose outfit included a bowler hat, waistcoat, and pocket watch, said: "From the beginning of the day the children joined in and were in their roles and ready to start. They were simply wonderful." Pupils continued the Victorian dressing-up theme the following day, for a school visit to the Hollycombe Steam Fair. And their outfits brought the children some special attention, and they were given extra rides, long after the fair had officially closed, as they waited for their bus home. The week was rounded off with a grand summer fair on Saturday. More than £1,150 was raised, which Mr Arnold said was "very good for aa small school like us". Money raised will go towards a new all-weather enclosure. Mr Arnold added: "It was very successful, with far more people than live in the village attending." Pupils began the week-long celebrations on Tuesday with a service at St Luke's Church in Milland, and throughout the week there was an exhibition of photographs and log books chronicling the school's history for visitors to browse. The school is currently planning its end-of-year show, which will include dramatisations of stories made from "interesting" entries in the school's log books over the years.