PUPILS at Woodlea Primary School in Whitehill spent a week learning more about themselves and their classmates while working as part of a team.

Celebrating Team Challenge Week, they took part in various challenges, including a scavenger hunt, constructing a spaghetti tower, banana surgery, and a game involving the whole school and a hula hoop.

Olivia Robbins, a Year 2 pupil, said: “I loved the banana game. We had to chop up a banana, then use sticks to pin it back together. It was funny.”

The Team Challenge Week ended with the children designing and building an air balloon to safely lower eggs from a height to the floor, without breaking the eggs.

Headteacher Marcella Dobson said: “What a fantastic week the children have had.

“They were very excited about the challenges and it was a great atmosphere around the school as the children were moving around, taking photographs and building fabulous mar-shmallow and spaghetti towers.

“I am looking forward to seeing which team managed to collect the most points as they worked together in their teams superbly.

“I don’t know who had more fun - the children completing their tasks or the teachers who were watching them.”