RECEPTION children at Potters Gate Primary School and St Andrew’s Infant School stood to attention when they were visited by British Army soldiers as part of a ‘People Who Help Us’ topic.

The visit, which took place on February 25, began with children listening to a soldier and investigating a soldier’s equipment.

Youngsters then took part in various activities on the school field such as boot camp, food scavenger hunt and a camouflaged game of hide and seek.

They even had the opportunity to paint each other with camo paint, which they found “most enjoyable”, according to Bonnie Lloyd, Robin class teacher at St Andrew’s.

Amie Whitfield, reception teacher at Potters Gate, said the children had a “fantastic day” and “particularly enjoyed the obstacle course, including cargo net, and the PT session”.

Bonnie continued: “With both schools being part of the Good Shepherd Trust, we are working in partnership which enables the children to work together within the community. The children of St Andrew’s are able to share many of the great resources that Potters Gate has to offer.”