GREATHAM Primary School's young pupil governors managed to raise more than £100 for a bin in the playground.

After deciding they wanted to do something to improve the environment at the school, the young governors found a bin, shaped like a colouring pencil, which they thought would be a perfect way to encourage people not to drop litter.

So last Friday, the children all dressed up as their favourite toy characters.

On the same day, the school's Parent Teacher Association held a secondhand toy sale at the school.

Between them, they managed to raise more than £100, bringing them just shy of being able to purchase the bin.

"Everyone was happy with the money we raised, and happy to see everyone in costume," said teacher Sam Kestle.

Ms Kestle added: "We had full attendance that day as well.

"Maybe we should dress up as Woody and Buzz more often."

Staff hope the bin will be installed before Easter.