IN THE centre pages of the Herald today is something a little different – you’ll find a newspaper within a newspaper.

The Alton Anchor was written and designed by students at Alton School.

They worked on the content and drew up news lists and feature plans, who needed to be interviewed, and organised the photo diary.

The result is a unique snapshot of life at the school in the words of the students themselves.

The school project team said: “In our school newspaper, Alton Anchor, we created an insight into Alton School life. The school newspaper committee has come together over the past term to record and report on key events over the past school year.

“We have enjoyed working with the Herald to find out how to present a newspaper and interview members of our community.

“The editorial team worked on writing articles and editing text and images to create impact and to engage the reader.

“Turn to the eye-catching centre spread to see the colourful designs for the Jubilee flag that has been chosen as part of the Jubilee Parade in London.

“Celebrate with members of our community, such as Sister Helen who turned 80 earlier this year, and find out about the career path that brought Mr Karl Guest to the headship of Alton School.

“We have reported tirelessly over the past few months on a range of extracurricular activities and school successes across all years of the school in arts and sport and hope Herald readers enjoy what we have come up with.

“To leave you with the words of our director of marketing and communications: ‘This has been a brilliant project, which has enabled students to work across year groups and to develop journalistic skills. We are very proud of the end result and hope everybody enjoys reading it’.”

n If other schools would like to create their own newspaper within a newspaper with the Herald, email editor Colin Channon at [email protected] or call 01252 959585 or 07852 609454 for more details.