CONTRACTORS overseeing two recreation grounds in Petersfield are getting an "extremely good deal", according to worried councillors.

Figures produced last week show that Petersfield Town Council's ownership of Penns Farm and Love Lane is resulting in a £25,000 annual loss.

The council receives £6,521.86 and £3,596.56, per year, respectively, for the use of the parks by clubs and sporting organisations.

But those figures are dwarfed by the £22,462 and £12,768 expenditure at each site, in respect of which litter collection alone costs nearly £4,500.

Town clerk Neil Hitch claimed last Thursday that the councillors shouldn't be alarmed as such facilities usually lose money.

He added that the town council has always tried to subsidise youth sports and reminded members that the current grounds contract is coming to an end.

But members of the council's grounds committee were not sure what they were paying out for and have called for a further breakdown of the figures.

For full story, see this week's Petersfield Herald.