ELSTEAD Parish Council outlined plans this week to put "relentless" pressure on Surrey Highways to install a much-needed pedestrian crossing on a dangerous stretch of road.

Councillors at Monday night's meeting agreed that the only way to get a crossing on Milford Road, which is used regularly by children walking to school, would be by consistently lobbying the county council to take action.

A petition, to be placed around the village in pubs, schools and the Spa shop this week, is being organised by councillor Anne Thomas following traffic surveys she conducted on the road.

"There are 1,300 cars each hour passing through that point during peak times," she told the council. "It's quite difficult to actually carry out a survey on your own and to count the vehicles going in each direction, it's just continuous.

"I heard from one little girl that she often stands waiting to cross for so long that she sees other children getting driven to school and their parents then driving back again while she's still waiting. There are parents who won't allow their children to go to the park because it's too dangerous to cross that road."

She went on to say that the major cause of concern is for those children who need to cross the busy road in order to go to St James' School or catch the bus to Rodborough School in Milford.

There is also a need, she explained, for people to be able to cross in order to visit the park or to move around the village in a safer manner.

"I carried out the surveys at the junction of Milford Road and Hookley Lane and we've been told that it might be possible to put a crossing in that area somewhere. Parents are terrified of letting their kids cross the road because the traffic is non-stop.

"I live at the other end of the village and have a nine-year-old son who I allow to go and play with his friends but I won't let him go to the other side of the village as I don't want him crossing Milford Road, it's far too dangerous."

The parish council was also told that although the safety of children was the top priority in getting a crossing installed, Milford Road was a danger to anyone attempting to cross during rush hours.

Councillor Bryn Morgan drew from his previous experience as clerk to Churt Parish Council when a crossing was needed there.

"They wanted to get a crossing in Churt years ago but it was only due to relentless pressure from the parish council that they eventually managed to get one installed," he said.

"We need to pursue this with all guns blazing on all fronts until we get some action. We have to put forward this petition and just hope that they listen to us."