ANGRY Petersfield residents have written to Tesco to complain about plans for an illuminated sign on top of the new store.

They claim it will beam out an "unacceptable" level of light that could be seen from as far away as Butser Hill.

People living in the area became concerned about the plans when two large pillars were erected above the building.

Hylton Road resident Mrs Peta Shute said the pillars now totally dominate the view of people living in the road.

She said the pillars are significantly higher than the roof of the abattoir building which was pulled down to make room for the store.

In a letter to planning control manager Ian Ellis she says the signs would be totally out of keeping with the local environment.

She pointed out that Petersfield's latest supermarket will be the only one with an illuminated sign.

Residents also feel that the sign will light up the back of Hylton Road properties. Mrs Shute said this would intrude upon their privacy.

In a letter to Tesco, Mrs Shute said: "We feel it is important that Tesco is made aware exactly how angry the local residents are over this proposal.

"It is hard to believe that a company as well known as Tesco, and with its reputation, would even consider it necessary to advertise its presence in such an insensitive way."

She added: "To erect an illuminated sign in this part of Petersfield, so close to the main square, Sheep Street and The Spain, with its listed buildings, will seriously affect both the environment and attraction of this market town.

"A more moderate and low-key approach would be more in keeping and would have the desired effect of pleasing the local residents, who are, after all, potential customers, and will give Tesco a much cleaner environmental image locally."

Mr Ellis met Hylton Road residents earlier this year to discuss proposed fences at the back of properties in the road.

Now he, and East Hampshire District Council's planning committee, are being invited back to see what residents would have to view on a daily basis.

Mrs Shute said: "This part of Petersfield is surely worth preserving."

An application to erect the signs was due to be discussed by the district council's south planning sub-committee recently. But the plans were withdrawn when objections from nearby residents were received.

Amended plans are now awaited and will be discussed by the sub-committee when they are submitted.