A dozen bellringers will show off their pulling power this weekend as a Liss church is taking part in a national celebration.

Arms must be aching in Liss as the Tower Bell ringers of St Mary’s Church are practising hard for Saturday’s Ring for the King.

The nationwide event in celebration of the coronation will begin at 9am with a 45-minute continuous quarter peal of bell ringing. 

That will be followed by the hour-long Ring for the King with seasoned ringers being accompanied by new members for the historic event.

The Liss Tower Bell Ringers has proved to be a family affair as the group includes three generations – Kathy and her two young daughters, Darcy and Fia, who were learning the ropes recently when their granddad, Graham, arrived at practice.

The latter has resumed a long-time relationship with the pastime while all four will be ringing the bells this weekend.