PUPILS at a Tilford school invited friends and family to a special VE tea party to conclude their learning about World War Two.

Year 6 students at Waverley Abbey Junior School invited relatives and family friends who were involved in, or had memories of, the war for a social afternoon on February 14.

The hour-long tea party was used to educate the children about the war and to celebrate VE Day, which is traditionally celebrated on May 8.

Lina Haines, who organised the event for the school, said: “The children were enthralled by the guests’ stories and gained so much more from hearing first-hand accounts than they ever could from books.”

The children, special guests and teachers seemed to enjoy the event a great deal, with Lina adding: “A particular highlight was being able to see and touch part of a Doodlebug.”

A Doodlebug is another name for the V-1 flying bomb, used to attack the UK by Germany in 1944 and 1945.