CHILDREN at Woodlea Primary School, in Whitehill, welcomed some long-awaited finer weather, with the opening of their own barefoot trail within the school grounds.

Inspired by the National Trust and its nationwide versions of the barefoot trail, pupils constructed this trail as part of their Forest School sessions last year.

The children dug pits to fill with sensory experiences, planting and maintaining willow arches as well as recycling tyres to create planters for herbs and planting more than 200 saplings.

The children reported that they felt braver after trying the trail. Forest School Leader Julie Reid also joined in the fun.

“We forget that our feet can offer us an important sensory experience and the children have really enjoyed the opportunity to create and try out this trail,” she said. “Not only have they created something amazing with their hard work but they have also improved our already fabulous grounds and left behind an experience for future pupils. However, the water was very cold.”