Cyclists have welcomed new speed cameras that have been put in on two Hampshire roads – but say it is still not a road to cycle on.

As reported last week, police and crime commissioner Donna Jones announced the installation of eight average speed cameras along the A32 and A272 in the Meon Valley, two of the most challenging roads for excessive noise and speeding in Hampshire.

In conversation with a member of the Petersfield Bicycle Buddies group, Malcolm Muggeridge said cyclists usually avoided cycling on those two roads since they have been set up for cars rather than for other specific users such as cyclists.

“It is a road that is not suitable for cyclists. You will see few cyclists on that road. We all try to avoid it and go down into a country lane or lanes parallel to that route,” he said.

“It is not a nice road for cyclists. It is really set up for cars – it is an old-fashioned day road.

“The speed cameras won’t solve the problem for cyclists at all there.’

Portsmouth CTC’s secretary Andy Henderson said: “Most of us do what we can to avoid both roads and, if we have to use them, we get off as soon as we can.

“Obviously, any measure that increases the safety of road users is welcome. 

“If the cameras manage to reduce the number of collisions, that would be great.

“My own perception is that, whether I’m on a bike or a car, I’m most at risk from impatient and reckless drivers and those who don’t pay attention to the road.

“Adding speed cameras on those roads would therefore do little to change my perception of risk.”

PCC Donna Jones said: ‘The cameras will provide 24/7 permanent digital enforcement for the police, making it easier to identify offending motorists and take action against those who are driving dangerously.”