STEEP got the Hollywood treatment at its first film challenge – and the star of the show was the village itself.

Steep Film Challenge invited film-makers to submit their own works containing shots of well-known village locations.

Nick Drew, the East Hampshire district councillor for Froxfield and Steep, handed over £339 to help get the show on the road.

Event organiser Phyllida Barnes said: “It was fantastic to receive that money. We would not have been able run the festival without it, it just allowed us to get on and concentrate on running the competition.

“Everybody can make films these days. If you have a smartphone then you can do it. The films we received were of a very high quality.

“They are also a lovely record of the village and the surrounding area.”

The festival came to a head with an Oscar-style ceremony in September and the 13 films entered were shown again last week.

Among the categories was a prize for best original soundtrack, with no fewer than five films putting together their own accompanying music.

Mr Drew said: “I am delighted to have been able to step in and grant the festival some of the funds it needed to get off the ground. I was so impressed with the films, they were all brilliant. We obviously have a lot of very talented people in Steep.”

All councillors have £4,500 per year to grant to clubs and groups. Any community groups looking for a little financial assistance to support their work can contact their councillor and apply for a grant.