It's an emotional tale with all the ingredients of a blockbusting Hollywood tear-jerker or a best-selling book.

A foal is stolen in broad daylight from a Hampshire pen, leading to a huge nationwide appeal, a desperate search across multiple counties and an emotional reunion with the mother.

Except this is a true story, and those who remember Moon’s disappearance from Miller’s Ark Farm early this year can recall a journey that touched many hearts thanks to a new book.

Moon of Miller’s Ark begins on a nondescript Monday afternoon on May 15. The peace of the farm in Hook was broken when the two-month-old foal was snatched from her mother in a brazen and shocking theft.

Moon was so young that she was still feeding off of her mother and would have struggled with the separation.

Fortunately for our hero and her mother, Astra, the pair were reunited just over a fortnight later when Moon was discovered by police in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. 

The story doesn’t end there as Miller’s Ark has announced the launch of a picture book that tells the story from Astra’s perspective.

The illustrated Moon of Miller’s Ark book written by Gaynor and Rhiann Clarke will be available for purchase on Amazon and during open days at the farm – where readers will also get the chance to meet Moon.

Pam Jessop, of Miller’s Ark, said Moon did “incredibly well once she got back with her mother” and is “bonding back with mum” successfully. 

“Moon is enjoying all of her extra attention and I think she is loving it,” added Pam.

 “Whenever you go to her pen, she is always the one that comes right over.

“She’s comfortable at the farm and has a real sensitive side.”

All of these comments should offer comfort to the farm’s supporters and people following the story of Moon’s recovery.

When asked how Moon being stolen affected her personally, Pam said: “It was shock to all of the team and we were all worried and concerned about how Moon will be coping. 

“I think it is fair to say that the concern over Moon was spread over the whole community as well as the UK.”

While Pam can’t comment on the ongoing criminal case, she has confirmed that Miller’s Ark supporter Jules Hamilton has launched a GoFundMe page to fund extra security measures at the farm, ensuring animals are even more protected.

After all that Millers Ark Farm has been through, it seems to be a happy ending for Moon, Astra, and the team.

By Summer Lear