A GROUP of sixth-form students from Alton School (formerly Alton Convent) where in Alresford on Wednesday to learn about the plight of African elephants, who are dying at the rate of 96 a day, poached for their ivory.

The young people were visiting White Space at the Old Chapel in The Dean, from where passionate young conservationist and adventurer, Holly Budge, is spearheading her ‘How Many Elephants’ campaign.

Designed to raise global awareness of the devastating impact of the elephant ivory trade, as part of the campaign the former Medstead girl is seeking to “inspire young minds” and has already reached out to more than 1,000 school children, who have visited her ‘How Many Elephants’ exhibition and taken part in workshops.

The workshops are not only raising awareness of the problem but are encouraging schools to fundraise, with 100 per cent of donations going towards anti-poaching projects in Africa.

For more details about the project, visit howmanyelephants.com.