A MAN who sold a portion of his land for a new access road to the Sturt Farm development has again raised concerns over flooding by the site.

Duncan Grossart, of Sturt Road, said work carried out by site builder Thakeham had failed to resolve the problem.

He said: "I have been flooded five times. Each time Thakeham said they would carry out work that would prevent such recurrences. Each time those works failed. Consequently, I have been forced to contact the planning control department at Waverley Borough Council.

"In essence, Thakeham are not supposed to do any house or road building works until after the drains and attenuation system are put in place. This is embodied in the Construction Environmental Management Plan. This is to prevent any silt or polluted water flooding local properties - including mine - and entering the sensitive local water courses.

"They have simply ignored this regulation and pressed on.

"They also need a dedicated truck-washing bay on the site to clean vehicles before they go on to the public highways.

"Even this simple requirement has been totally ignored.

"The roads round here have been covered in mud."

In response, a Thakeham spokesperson said: "We regret there have been issues with standing water while we have been working nearby.

"On this particular development, special attention has been paid to drainage on the site, including consulting closely with the local council, who are also the lead local flood authority, who have inspected and approved all planned works and conducted regular visits to site to inspect progress so far.

"We always aim to minimise any disruption when we are building new homes in local communities and will of course continue to do so as the development progresses."

A Waverley Borough Council spokesperson confirmed engineers had visited the Sturt Farm site to inspect the work.

The spokesperson said: "Having received reports of flooding earlier this year, officers visited and inspected the Sturt Farm development site. On the advice of our officers, the developer constructed temporary attenuation ponds to deal with any excess water from the development. Waverley Borough Council engineers have since visited the site and are satisfied the ponds are sufficient to alleviate any issues while drainage work continues on site.

"We have received no reports of recent flooding but the site continues to be monitored by Waverley Borough Council’s planning services team."