ANAPHYLAXIS Campaign is hosting a support group for people in Farnham who suffer from severe allergies.

The meeting is taking place on Sunday, March 4, at St Martin’s Hall in The Bourne between 7.45pm and 9.15pm.

It is run by local volunteer Gillian Bushell, who is hosting the session in order to help others affected by severe allergies or anaphylaxis.

The support group is attended by medical experts so that any worries or questions can be answered, whether it is you or a family member who is suffering.

The UK is one of the top three countries in the world for the highest incident of allergy, with around seven million people having allergies severe enough to require specialist allergy care.

Gillian’s support group is run in conjunction with the Anaphylaxis Campaign, the only UK wide charity focused on supporting those at risk of severe allergies.

Chief executive officer of the campaign Lynne Regent said: “It’s brilliant that Gillian runs a support group for us in the Farnham area.

“Many people in the general population do not understand just how serious allergy and anaphylaxis can be.

“Our support groups, like the one Gillian is running, provide a vital touch point for affected families and individuals and are a really positive way for them to support each other.”

To find out more visit, and to book your place call 01252 893864 or email [email protected].