PEOPLE living in the Butser area of East Hampshire, which covers Petersfield, Rowlands Castle and Horndean, have taken part in an online survey to help set policing priorities in the area for the next three months.

The feedback is assessed alongside crime trends and intelligence to identify issues for communities that can be addressed by Hampshire Police’s neighbourhood policing teams.

In Petersfield, reports of non-dwelling burglaries have dropped, however this remains a district priority and officers will continue to offer advice and support to businesses to prevent them from becoming victims of crime.

Residents identified criminal damage as an area of concern and more reports have been received in recent months, this will be addressed by neighbourhood officers.

Anti-social behaviour was also identified by Hampshire Police’s survey and Petersfield’s neighbourhood policing team will target known hotspots to continue to prevent and deter unwanted behaviour.

There has also been an increase in reports of thefts from vehicles in the Clanfield area. Work is being done to address this and to ensure that residents keep valuables out of sight and unattended cars and vans locked.

Residents have also highlighted an issue with motorbikes riding in the Havant Thicket and Manor Lodge Road area. This is supported by several reports of anti-social behaviour and vehicle-related nuisance.

The neighbourhood policing team will look into how this activity can be addressed appropriately.

Theft was also highlighted in the survey and although there are no particular trends or patterns have been seen in this district the police will continue to work with retailers to prevent incidents of shoplifting.

Sergeant Phil Shore said: “I’m pleased that the community has helped to shape our policing priorities for the next three months.

“It’s important that our neighbourhood policing teams receive feedback like this to ensure we are addressing the issues that affect you.

“I’d like to see even more people take part next time we carry out this survey in March, so that everyone gets to have their say.”

To take part in the next survey, which will be launched on March, visit