THE SWAN injured when it was shot through the neck by a crossbow is back home on the water.

The female swan – a pen – was rescued from the lake at Waverley Abbey after Lesley Reeves noticed the horrific injury.

Lesley and an Abbey neighbour regularly feed the pen and her mate.

Rescuers from the Shepperton Swan and Wildfowl Sanctuary took the stricken swan back to its headquarters to allow its vet to operate and remove the bolt.

One of the rescuers, Danni Rogers, admitted the swan was lucky to survive the attack.

After the successful operation, Danni helped take the swan back to Waverley to be reunited with its pining mate.

“We are very fortunate that the whole episode has a happy ending,” said Danni.

“The swan was up and about soon after the operation and was very keen to go home. Any animal that has had an operation at the sanctuary is kept at Shepperton for observation until we are happy their injuries have healed and they have fully recovered and are fit enough to be returned to their habitat.

“Hopefully, the swan will have no lasting problems.

“They are remarkable creatures – they recover very well – and she was obviously very happy to be home again.

“When she realised where she was and that she was going home again she started grunting and making a lot of noise. Her mate came to welcome her home and they swam off – reunions are always a lovely thing to see.”

The police are investigating the shooting incident. Anyone with information should call 101, quoting reference 45220006651.