THE talented young people at Holybourne Theatre will be staging a production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in July.

Adapted for stage from Lewis Carroll’s famous novel, the story begins when, chasing a mysterious white rabbit with a pocket watch, Alice tumbles down a rabbit hole and into a world of fun and adventure. There she meets the colourful characters of Wonderland and hears their fantastical tales. After a lively tea party, an unusual game of croquet and a nail-biting trial to find out who stole a very special plate of jam tarts, will Alice find her way home?

The story remains a firm favourite for both adult and children alike, even though it was first published more than 150 years ago. This new production sticks firmly to the original text with all the well-known characters from the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat through to the Duchess and Cook, and introduces some lesser known characters such as the Magpie, Canary, Frog and Fish. The only attempt at modernisation is the introduction of familiar songs to punctuate the scenes. The 35-member cast, aged from six to 18, really bring to life Lewis Carroll’s bizarre, and often bad-tempered, creations.

This show will appeal to fans, of all ages, of the classic story and is an opportunity to see the original text portrayed with much of the original dialogue direct from the book, including many of Carroll’s surreal poems. The show is full of colourful costumes, imaginative scenery and lively music.

Taking place over the weekends of July 8-9 and July 15-16, all shows start at 2pm with individual tickets priced at £7.50 and a four-person family ticket at £25.

Tickets are available online at or from Wildly Upbeat Printers in John Trimmer Walk, Alton.