IT HAS towered over the town for some four decades – but last Friday, Alton Brewery’s chimney stack came crashing down as demolition work continued on the CALA Homes’ redevelopment site.

A small crowd of onlookers, many with historic ties to the brewery, gathered in Turk Street and Drayman’s Way to watch the historic moment – and Councillor Paula Langley even sent up a drone to capture the occasion. Her pictures are featured here...

Being Guy Fawkes Night, it would have been appropriate to use explosives for the job – but there was some disappointment when what onlookers described as a “large can opener” was brought in instead by demolition specialists Wooldridge.

The moment of collapse certainly didn’t lack for drama, however, with a large cloud of dust kicked up by the fallen chimney.

Demolition of the former Molson Coors Brewery in Alton began shortly after councillors granted planning permission for CALA Homes’ proposed development in November.

It will see the 12.8-acre site transformed over the next four years, to include a new community centre, 220 new homes, a 70-bed care home and 58 assisted living homes.

More to follow in next week’s Herald...