A residents’ association has hit out at plans from the Royal School to remove its cap on pupil numbers at its Farnham Lane site in Haslemere, fearing it could lead to gridlock.

United Learning has submitted an application to modify an existing Section 106 agreement at the Royal School’s Farnham Lane site.

The Hazel Grove Residents’ Association chairman David Fowler says the application could have big implications for traffic across Haslemere.

Mr Fowler, who has previously spoken against plans to build 90 homes on the Royal School junior site in Hindhead, fears that increased traffic on Wey Hill could bring the town to a standstill.

He said: “The application is seeking to change the cap on pupil numbers to a cap on vehicle numbers on Farnham Lane – which would affect the whole town. The wider affect would be more traffic on Wey Hill.

“This will gridlock that whole area if this application is approved.

“We are concerned about the traffic at peak times in and around the railway station and specifically driving from Hindhead to the station via Wey Hill and the B2131.

“These concerns are amplified by United Learning having failed to identify the location of their proposed park and ride facility.

“It is obvious that it cannot be the Fairground car park in Wey Hill as this car park is a proposed site for development in Local Plan Part Two.

“We have heard that Weydown Road car park may be a possible site, and consider that exiting this car park on to Wey Hill will cause significant traffic issues and delays.

“We are also concerned that DHA, United Learnings’ consultants, are advocating that children be dropped off at the station by their parents to enable them to take the shuttle bus that is there to pick up children travelling by train.

“Station Approach is a traffic shambles without Royal School parents using it as a dropping-off point.

“Haslemere is a commuter town and it is essential that commuters can access the railway station and park without the interference of a chaotic private school park-and-ride scheme.

“Wey Hill is a main conduit of through traffic from one side of Haslemere to the other and from the A3 and Hindhead to Haslemere and on.

“It is already heavily congested during peak times and it seems that in United Learnings’ unbridled attempt to relocate the Royal Junior School from Hindhead to the senior school in Farnham Lane, they are determined to bring the whole of Haslemere to a standstill.

“This will also have an impact on other schools, as well as businesses in the area.

“We have had cause to review the objections from the Farnham Bunch Lane Triangle Association.

“The Royal School and Farnham Lane are well known to some of our members as they have educated children at the school.

“We fully concur with The Farnham Bunch Lane Triangle Association’s conclusions and request United Learning’s application be rejected.”

Anyone who would like to view the full plans should visit Waverley Borough Council’s planning website at https://planning360.waverley.gov.uk:4443/planning and search for the planning reference number WA/2021/03150.