Two Ukrainian sixth-formers at Frensham Heights school in Rowledge are hosting a talk at the school entitled The War in Ukraine: How Do You Feel?

Polina Storozhuk and Ivan Peretiatko have been living in the Farnham area since the conflict with Russia broke out in February 2022 and both have family fighting in it.

This event will offer a unique perspective on the war, with the students sharing their views on the current situation and the impact it is having on Ukraine.

They will showcase media and events from the conflict, highlighting the devastation it is causing to the nation and its people.

While the students will not be discussing their personal experiences as refugees, this talk aims to foster understanding and raise awareness about the wider effects of the war.

The event will include a collection for Unbroken, a charity supporting Ukraine, alongside a charity bar, with all proceeds going towards the cause.

Charlie Bennett, the head of sixth form and a teacher of history and politics at Frensham Heights, is encouraging members of the local community to support this event.

Charlie said: “This is one of the bravest, most emotive and challenging talks you will hear on the real experience of the war.”

The talk will be held in the Aldridge Theatre at Frensham Heights on June 25 from 7pm to 10pm.

Tickets are free but donations are encouraged. Register at

For further information visit or email [email protected]