Don't panic – it’s not as drastic as it looks!

That’s the message the boss of a community centre in Liss has made to villagers after scaffolding appeared around the popular venue.

Urgent repairs are currently taking place at The Triangle Centre after cracks appeared around the hall window facing the village centre.

But Karen Feeney has been quick to assure users that it’s business as usual and there’s money in the budget to cover the bill.

“There’s been some cracks in the wall for a while but it became obvious it was getting worse so we started investigations,” said the centre manager.

“It would appear that the lintel over the window is failing so we’re going to have to remove part of the wall, replace that and rebuild it.

“We’re hoping the work will be done during the summer holidays. 

“It does look drastic with all the scaffolding inside and out but it’s not as serious as it looks.”

She added: “You have to remember that it’s an old building as it was constructed a long time ago in 1872.

“Because it’s such an old building things will fall off sometimes.”

Although some of the groups that were based at the Triangle before Covid are yet to return the centre remains popular, with plenty going on.

There’s a good mix of clubs and staff have been encouraged by the influx of users from the recently completed CALA estate off Andlers Ash.

The recent quiz night was a massive success, cinema evenings remain popular and the centre will host another of its beer festivals on September 2, but there’s always room for more groups and functions.

Karen added: “We rely on room and hiring income, grants and fundraising but we’re self-sufficient and not supported by any council.”