The godmother of a boy who can’t breathe when he’s asleep or tired is to attempt to run the length of the South Downs for a charity that supports and helps the youngster.

Brave five-year-old Charlie Wagstaff needs a ventilator night and day to keep him alive.

And he needs 24/7 care from his parents, grandparents and family friends.

So his godmother Sarah Page from Liss has taken on the challenge of running the 100-mile South Downs Way over the weekend of June 10 and June 11.

Sarah hopes to raise thousands for a charity that provides vital help and support for Charlie and his family, who live in Denmead.

She said: “There have already been gruelling hours of training squeezed in around the business of life.

“I know times are tough and the cost of living has gone up so much.

“I have made the target big, because this is a big challenge... so any kind sponsorship would be very much appreciated.”

Charlie was born with the extremely rare disorder congenital central hypoventilation syndrome (CCHS).

CCHS sufferers have to consciously breathe.

When he goes to bed Charlie needs to be attached to a portable ventilator so he breathes while asleep.

The plucky youngster also needs it during the day in case he gets tired or needs a nap.

Sarah said: “My best friend and her husband do so much to keep my gorgeous godson Charlie alive each day.

“He stops breathing every night, when he has a nap or concentrates hard – his survival means being attached to a ventilator.

“Charlie is an incredible boy – he has started school and embraces life.

“This is not only because he is an awesome boy, but also because of his awesome parents.

“I can’t support them much day to day, but I can raise money for the charity that supports families like theirs.”

In May 2019 Sarah ran 100 miles on the Isle of Wight to raise money to help Charlie.

Now she is hoping to raise at least £5,000 for the charity CCHS UK.

She added: “This is a biggie – the South Downs Way is not a flat run, there are lots of hills.

“A trainer has kindly taken on the challenge of getting me physically and mentally ready, and I am lucky to have an amazing support crew, including my partner Max and ever-supportive dad.

“Some of my family and friends worry about the scale of this challenge, but they understand the reasons I want to do it.”

To sponsor Sarah visit the Just Giving webpage at