PLANS that will shape the way their village grows for years to come will be put to the vote in Liss and in East Meon.

Both villages have put forward neighbourhood development plans and will put them to the public in a referendum organised by East Hampshire District Council on November 9.

Neighbourhood plans are compiled by residents and set out general planning policies for the development and use of land in an area.

These policies can include where new homes and offices should be built, what they should look like and what new community facilities are needed and where.

If the plans meet the approval of residents they will be used by the planning authority, in this case the South Downs National Park Authority, sitting alongside the emerging South Downs Local Plan to provide local development management policies and allocate land for development.

Angela Glass, East Hampshire District Council’s portfolio holder for planning, said: “Neighbourhood plans are put together by the people of that area following extensive consultation and collaboration and is the best way of ensuring the interests of a community are represented during the planning process.

“Residents of East Meon and Liss have the opportunity to read their plans and decide if it is a fair reflection of how they would like to see their village develop over the coming years.

“Everyone from those two areas should get to know their plan and take part in the referendum on November 9.”