People have reacted angrily to the loss of the skatepark at Liphook Recreation Ground.

One post on the Liphook Community Facebook page highlighted its loss and said simply: “And just like that it was gone. RIP 2000-2023. 

“You may not have been the best but you were all we had and now we have nothing.” 

Others widely agreed that while the skatepark was not great – it had been closed for about 18 months before its removal because of health-and-safety risks – the lack of recreational facilities in the area is an issue. 

Another person commented: “Very sad to see another play area gone – so, so sorry for the people who used it.

“Let’s hope sense prevails and a decent area is provided.” 

Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council said the skatepark had been removed because it was deemed to be “beyond economic repair”, and by “modern standards of skateparks” its design now fell short. 

A parish spokesperson said: “Because of its location it was subject to anti-social behaviour out of hours, and the adjoining sports clubs were suffering from damage to their property and littering on a regular basis.”

The parish council has appointed a working group to come up with new ideas for the area.

The council is keen to use the area to encourage young people to play sport, and for families to have somewhere to sit and enjoy some leisure time.

The council added: “We are aware many residents are disappointed the skatepark has been removed.

“But we are committed to providing an exciting new area for sport and recreation and are always interested to hear residents’ views.

“We would encourage residents to email us on [email protected] 

“Our next recreation committee meeting takes place next Monday (October 2) at 7.30pm at Liphook Millennium Centre, and residents are always welcome to attend.”