A DISGRUNTLED resident of Priory Lane in Frensham is fed-up with visitors parking on the lanes surrounding Frensham Little Pond, and states that the roads are made so narrow that in an event of an emergency an ambulance would not be able to pass through.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that on most weekends especially throughout the summer, visitors who stop by the popular nature site would, instead of using the allocated car park, leave their cars in the narrow country lanes causing the road to become even more constrictive.

“I have explained on numerous occasions to the police and the National Trust that there is no way a fire engine could respond when cars are double parked,” continued the resident.

“Or even an ambulance would be seriously delayed in its response, then to be told by the 101 police operator that they could sort it out at the time, is totally ridiculous – I’m sure if the problem was outside of their property things would be done.

“There should be parking charges, especially at weekends. Often where I live I can only get out in one direction, it can be impossible to drive anywhere.

“I have a medical condition and no way could you fit an ambulance down that route if you needed to, they would have to take the long route round. There is also an elderly home nearby.”

Unfortunately no response was given by Surrey Police after being approached on more than one occasion for comment.

A spokesperson for the National Trust, said: “We welcome hundreds of visitors each week to Frensham Little Pond, all of whom enjoy the site for its beautiful scenery and glorious walks. Our car parks are often busy at peak times.

“Priory Lane has been designated a ‘clear-way’ by Waverley Borough Council, which means that it is illegal to park there.

“The National Trust has supported Waverley Borough Council by placing stumps along the side of the road, along with signage, to discourage people from parking there.

“This is a formal matter for Surrey Police and we are happy to work with them on this issue.”