HALE Community Centre in north Farnham is urgently seeking new volunteers to support its rapidly expanding youth club.

The centre has, in just a few short months, created a vibrant, well-attended youth club – but needs help to ensure it can continue to provide a safe and engaging space for young people going forwards.

Tracy Yates, lead youth worker, said: "Young people report that they love coming to our club, where they have the opportunity to chat, explore their challenges and feelings, eat freshly cooked food, get involved in arts and crafts activities, sports, games and learn new skills in a safe, warm, supportive and nurturing environment.

"Following the last few years of ever-dwindling youth provision in the Upper Hale area it is essential that we continue to build on this success and help young people to feel valued and listened to.

"But we can’t do it without increasing our team and we rely on volunteers to help us do this.

"Please help us to continue to run our provision and continue to grow to be the best youth facility we can be.

"If you can help, even on a temporary basis, we would be so grateful."

To have a no commitment chat please call/text/whatsapp Tracy on 0752 388 5728 or email [email protected]