DOG owners have been warned to keep their pets on leads near fields of sheep or face the risk of having them shot on sight.

The warning comes after one lamb died after a savage attack and another died from shock following an uncontrolled dog attack.

Penny Roe from Hindhead Hill Farm, who farms near the A3 between Milford and Hindhead, found the lamb in a field at Oxted Green opposite Rodborough School off the A283.

The lamb's ear had been ripped off and there were bite marks on a leg and puncture marks to the animal's neck. A second lamb died from stress after being chased. The incident happened between January 22 and mid morning on January 23.

Mrs Roe, who rents the field, said the two sheep were part of a flock of 30 young sheep they had recently bought up from Wales and were valued at around £50 each.

Mrs Roe said: "If we caught a dog worrying sheep and could not do anything to stop it, we are within our rights to shoot it on sight.

She added that if pet owners suspect their dog of worrying sheep they should consider asking a farmer to let it spend time with a ram, or get it rehomed or put down.

"It is the responsibility of the pet owner," she said.