WAVERLEY Borough Council launched enforcement action - against itself - this week following a complaint about Farnham Town FC’s new changing rooms at the Memorial Ground.

The new temporary changing rooms were constructed on the sports ground in West Street just last week, after the football club agreed to relocate from the Memorial Hall as part of Waverley’s redevelopment plans for the community-owned building.

However, Rowledge architect Mark Westcott believes the council wrongly built the new building without planning permission, dismissing Waverley’s claim that the changing rooms were allowed under the General Permitted Development Order 2015 (GPDO).

Mr Westcott told The Herald: “As far as I am aware the legislation surrounding GPDO means that the installation of these buildings is unlawful.

“If Farnham Town FC had already submitted a planning application, received permission and started construction work then the GPDO might allow some temporary buildings.

“But, the football club have not even submitted an application. Unless there are other facts of which we have not been told, the temporary buildings are unlawful.”

A Waverley spokesman confirmed it has received a complaint in relation to the erection of the changing rooms, adding the council’s official procedure on receipt of a complaint is to open an enforcement case. 

The spokesman said: “The [council’s] planning enforcement team will review the matters raised and respond as appropriate to the complainant.”