Three months of rolling road closures in West Street got under way this week as South East Water began a £1.3 million water upgrade – here is everything you need to know about the project and how it will affect you...

The major upgrade will see no through traffic between Farnham town centre and Coxbridge roundabout until late April.

The closures will be in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are split into three phases, with each phase having a specific duration and location:

Phase 1: Mead Lane to Crondall Lane

The first phase of the road closures began on Monday, January 23, and will last until early February. This phase of the project will see the first connection to South East Water's existing network take place between Crondall Lane and Mead Lane. West Street is now closed on the town side of its junction with Crondall Lane junction up to Mead Lane. Crondall Lane traffic will retain access to West Street and on towards Coxbridge roundabout throughout the first phase closure.

Phase 2: Crondall Lane to Crosby Way

The second phase of the road closures will take place from early February to the end of February. During this phase, the focus will be on the section of West Street between Crondall Lane and Crosby Way. This will prevent Crondall Lane traffic from accessing the Coxbridge roundabout – but it will instead allow access between the town centre and Crondall Lane.

Phase 3: Crosby Way to A31

The final phase of the road closures will take place from the end of February to late April. During this phase, the focus will be on the section of West Street between Crosby Way and A31. This phase will also see the pipe being diverted through private land towards Runwick Lane and crossing the Farnham-bound lane on the A31 Alton Road.

Traffic and diversions

Traffic will be diverted via the A31 and Farnham town centre one-way system, with heavy traffic expected in Downing Street, The Borough, South Street and East Street as a result. South East Water says it is working closely with residents and businesses in the area to minimise the impact of the project and has stated that the closures are a "last resort."

The impact on buses

Stagecoach has confirmed its route 65 bus will not serve West Street in Farnham for “at least” 12 weeks starting from Monday (January 23) because of the closures. The bus stops at Coxbridge Farm, The Chantrys, Mead Lane and The Hart/Downing Street will not be served throughout this period, with passengers advised to use the bus stops in Farnham town centre at The Borough (towards Guildford) and East Street or South Street (towards Alton) if possible.

Towards Alton, route 65 will divert from East Street via South Street (serving Stop K at Sainsbury’s) and the A31 Farnham bypass. Towards Guildford, route 65 will divert from Coxbridge via the A31 Farnham bypass, South Street, Union Road and Downing Street, to rejoin the normal route at The Borough.

What next?

The project will involve the installation of more than 2km of pipe in West Street, on private land, and the A31 Alton Road. Once work approaches Coxbridge Farm the pipe will be diverted through private land towards Runwick Lane. This will be the second phase of the project and will run between late April and mid-June.

The third and final phase will involve the pipe crossing the Farnham-bound lane on A31 Alton Road. Runwick Lane will be closed for three weeks while a series of lane closures will be in place along A31 Alton Road.

However, Farnham Town Council's joint-leader David Beaman warns the roadworks could be the tip of the iceberg, with further works also required in the future by Thames Water “to improve the facilities for disposal of sewerage from the new residential developments”.

Cllr Beaman has expressed frustration that the South East Water and Thames Water works have not been combined.

Background: Why the upgrade is necessary and what will it achieve?

The new water main will strengthen the water network and reduce the risk of supply interruptions arising from new developments in the area. These include the 120 homes built at Taylor Wimpey's 'Abbey View' development in Crondall Lane, and the 320 houses granted planning permission at Coxbridge Farm.

The project is part of South East Water’s £433 million investment in improving its water network between 2020 and 2025. To learn more, visit