Weydon School’s teaching is “amongst the most exceptional nationally”, according to the largest and longest-standing network of secondary schools in England.

SSAT accreditation has been awarded to the Farnham school for ‘transforming practice in principled curriculum design’ and ‘transforming practice in professional learning’.

The SSAT report said Weydon’s approach to curriculum was “extremely impressive” with all aspects carefully planned, and students and staff can “clearly articulate how learning is structured”.

It added Weydon’s team “bring together their considerable expertise in all aspects of school development and classroom practice with a clear understanding of effective professional learning”.

Vice principal Sarah Gilbert said the accreditation was “a testament to the years of strategic planning, creativity and subject passion that has gone into our curriculum design and professional development for staff”.

She added staff “work tirelessly to ensure both students and staff get the absolute best deal at Weydon”.