Tickets are on sale for the Winchester Poetry Festival, which will be held at The ARC in Jewry Street from October 13 to 15.

There are 22 events centred around the festival theme of Languages Of The UK. Featured poets include multi-award winner Daljit Nagra, legendary Welsh poet and activist Menna Elfyn, prolific performance poet Luke Wright, prize-winning poet Zaffar Kunial, sci-fi verse novelist Harry Josephine Giles and acclaimed poet and biographer Matthew Hollis.

Clare Pollard, artist director for the festival, said: “Some of the best weekends of my life have been at poetry festivals – there is nothing I love more than the buzz of live readings, the sharing of ideas and the sense of being part of an artistic community.

“I am honoured to have been able to curate this year’s programme for the Winchester Poetry Festival.

“Our theme is a wonderful excuse to showcase a diverse range of exciting poetries. There will be Cornish, Tamil, Scots, Romany, Bengali, Orcadian, Welsh and LatinX poetry, alongside poets using the language in new and exciting ways, from Daljit Nagra’s Indiom to Matthew Hollis talking about Eliot’s polyglot The Waste-Land.”

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