A karate team in Alton are hoping to continue growing.

Fourth Dan karate instructor Csaba Bacsak formed Fudokan Karate UK in November and is hoping to grow the club.

Training sessions, for children aged between five and 15 years old and adults aged 16 and over, are held at Amery Hill School’s dance studio on Mondays and Fridays between 6pm and 7pm.

Csaba said: “We started with six members, and have since doubled in size.

“We are constantly growing and developing as there is always an opportunity for new members to join.

“We are an enthusiastic and friendly team where everyone can find their own path, whether they’re looking to train individually or at club level in this wonderful sport which is more than just karate.

“It’s a lifestyle, self-defence, fitness, fun and useful weight control.

“Training with us offers the chance to learn traditional karate values and practical self-defence practices, perfecting one’s character, learning how to be honest with oneself and others, giving your best in everything you do, respecting oneself and others, developing self-control, and many other useful skills for everyday life.

“We hope to offer competition opportunities soon.

“Our first belt test was held in February, where all students successfully passed.

“We teach traditional Shotokan and Fudokan karate, as well as effective, constructive self-defence.

“I have personally spent 30 years in martial arts and hold a fourth Dan in Shotokan karate. I have decades of experience in other martial arts too.”

Anyone who would like more information should visit https://selfdefenceforyou.co.uk/