Aldershot Town manager Tommy Widdrington admitted Boreham Wood deserved the three points after his side fell to a 3-0 defeat at home to The Wood in the National League on Saturday.

Goals from Lee Ndlovu, Erico Sousa and Kabongo Tshimanga gave the visitors the points in front of a crowd of 3,050 at The Recreation Ground and extended the Shots’ winless run to six matches.

The result was a big blow to Aldershot’s hopes of securing a top-seven finish and a spot in the play-offs.

“I thought they (Boreham Wood) deserved to win,” said Widdrington. “I can't have any qualms. I thought they out-fought us, out-battled us and out-ran us in most areas of the pitch, and that is not something I could say readily all season. It's frustrating. I'm disappointed for us all – we're all in this together. I stood here 12 months ago delighted to still be in the division, so we've got to take a step back and have a look at the whole picture. I understand fans are frustrated. One or two have really let me have it as I've walked around the pitch but I think you've got to remember where we've come from and hopefully where we're going to. So by all means be frustrated and be disappointed – but we've got to get back on the horse.

“Some players here probably feel as though they should be playing at a better level. I think that's a stark reminder that the season doesn't last six or seven months, it's nine months. Some of my players – who've played a lot of football in fairness to them – are just probably over the precipice of the hill that they climbed and it's happened at a time where it could possibly cost us. We're all frustrated – fans, players, myself and the staff – but we're in it together as far as I'm concerned. We won't throw any towels in.

“There's always something to play for – there's always points on it. I think the competition's been skewed for many teams this season for different reasons – pitches not being suitable to play, some having to play in other parts of the country and things like that – but the level of football that we're playing at I believe there needs to be a little bit more professionalism on that part. We've produced a pitch every day capable of holding a game at this level of the game and too many teams in this division haven't. Some teams are playing away from home every game because their pitch isn't good enough.

“We've got to take stock and understand the frustration, but that doesn't make nine months frustrating. We've had some really good times and some really poor performances – I understand that – but don't lose sight of the bigger picture. We've been really comfortable at home this season – that's only the fourth game we've lost in the league – so that is a huge turnaround from last season. That's progress as far as I'm concerned.”