Ryan Mears landed a knockout blow to Tony Edwards in a battle between the first division’s heavyweights in the Farnham & District Billiards & Snooker League.

The billiards maestro inflicted a first defeat of the season on Edwards in a showdown between teams fighting for the title and survival.

The 2-2 draw between Sovereign C and B was probably enough for both teams.

It gave the former a three-point cushion above the bottom two and edged the latter closer to the title. Nine frames from their last three games will give Sovereign B the title, but their ten-point lead has been reduced to four.

Holders Comrades A made further ground with a 3-1 win against Grayshott B, with Russell Wishart making breaks of 31 and 20 in an 84-22 victory against Ciaran McCarthy.

Lindford B drew away at Fleet, and have a game in hand, but need to convert draws into wins if they want to survive.

Mark Chatfield’s 31 break in a 3-1 win for Passfield against Hindhead RBL A was his sixth 20-plus of the season in Division Two. But the big talking point involved the leaders, as Hindhead B lost 3-1 at home to nearest rivals Bourne B to keep the title race alive.

It was a case of another week, another 3-1 win for Alton Cons A in Division Three with Sovereign D being their latest conquest. Bordon B look in a good place for their first promotion, with their 3-1 win at Rowledge C increasing the gap to fourth.

Division One

Sovereign C 2 Sovereign B 2; Liss RBL A 3 Shottermill B 1; Comrades A 3 Grayshott B 1; Sovereign A 1 Liss RBL B 3; Fleet Broadway 2 Lindford B 2.

Breaks: Ryan Mears 31 & 20; Russell Wishart 31 & 20; Simon Laney 27; Michael Casey 23; Steve Counter 21; Jo Orriss 21.

Division Two

Liss RBL C 3 Rowledge B 1; Hindhead RBL B 1 Bourne B 3; Farnham Cons B 2 Traco E 2; Passfield 3 Hindhead RBL A 1; Traco B 2 Comrades B 2.

Breaks: Mark Chatfield 31; Alex Elkins 23; Darren Bryant 20; Andy Wells 20.

Division Three

Alton Cons A 3 Sovereign D 1; Traco F 3 Frensham D 1; Bordon A 3 Traco C 1; Lindford D 2 Alton Cons F 2; Rowledge C 1 Bordon B 3; Bourne A 2 Lindford C 2.

Breaks: Joe McDermott 23; Pete Greer 22.