A man has been jailed for more than five months after stealing food from a Sainsbury’s Local in Aldershot.

Michael Hanton, 35, of Longacre, Ash, stole cheese, butter, cooked meats and bakery goods worth £38.60 from the store on Ash Road on Saturday, March 25 last year.

He was charged with theft from a shop in April last year and later pleaded guilty after a number of court appearances.

Hanton was jailed for 24 weeks at Basingstoke Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 5 after a suspended sentence order was activated.

Rushmoor Inspector Mike Hall said: “Michael Hanton is a prolific shoplifter whose behaviour has impacted our local businesses, shop workers and the wider community.

“Our officers have worked hard to bring this case before the courts and I hope this sentencing result sends a message to offenders that shoplifting will not be tolerated in Aldershot and the wider area.”