A TOUCHING tribute to a former pupil has been installed at Edgeborough School in Frensham.

Staff at the school had a sculpture commissioned in memory of Robbie Keville, who passed away aged 10 in February 2016 after two years of intensive treatment at Southampton Hospital for a malignant brain tumour.

Robbie’s story has since touched the hearts of many and his charity ‘robbiesrally’ goes from strength to strength, fulfilling his dream of helping to provide dedicated staff to rehabilitate children with brain and spinal tumours across the NHS Wessex region.

Robbie’s Rehab, a new NHS service 100 per cent funded by the charity, began its work on June 5 and is already caring for a handful of child cancer patients.

Edgeborough enlisted the help of a University for the Creative Arts’ student to create a copper crane, inspired by Robbie’s love of making paper origami versions of the bird.

Benisha Van Rensburg, who has just completed her second year at the university, was pleased with the outcome.

She said: “The opportunity to create a memorial piece in remembrance of Robbie was very touching. I had the pleasure of meeting everyone at Edgeborough School and grew an understanding of Robbie.

“I am overwhelmed that I was able to create a piece which can forever remind others of his life. Robbie was well known for being creative and as inspiration I was given an origami bird that Robbie had made.

“The piece that I created is a replica of his design, and is bright and shiny as a reflection of Robbie’s personality.”

Headmaster Chris Davies said: “Following Robbie’s death, the staff was determined to create their own commemoration.

“Robbie was a multi-talented boy – bright, sporty and artistic. Perhaps unusually for a boy of his age, he was skilled at and very much enjoyed, the art of origami. The crane made by Benisha is in the origami style and is the Edgeborough staff’s unique tribute.”