CHRISTMAS should be a time of joy, excitement and enjoyment for all of us, but for some it isn’t.

Recognising that not everyone is well off, the Liss, Greatham & Hawkley Friendship Fund was set up some years ago to help residents of the three villages who are in need.

This is particularly relevant at this time of year, when almost daily requests come in from a variety of charities asking you to help people in need.

A fund spokesman said: “We are not asking for your help. Instead we are asking that you tell us if you or somebody you know needs it.

“The trustees of the Friendship Fund can donate up to £250 to assist in the supply of special foods or medical aids if somebody is ill, the provision of short-term help, buying household furniture or equipment such as a fridge or a cooker, emergency repairs to furniture or property and, exceptionally, the immediate relief of hardship.

“So if you know of somebody who is a resident of any of the three villages who needs a bit of support at this time, please contact us.”

In Liss, call Elizabeth Cartwright on 01730 892311 or e-mail [email protected], or councillor Keith Budden through the Liss parish council office on 01730 892823.

In Greatham, contact Susan Jerrard on 01420 538392 or e-mail [email protected] or David Rudd on 01420 476466.

And in Hawkley, people can contact Maggie Johnson via e-mail at maggie.

[email protected] or by calling 01730 827222, or e-mail Peter Cregeen at [email protected].