PASSENGERS travelling to Bentley Station were left with few options after a replacement bus service refused to make the full journey.

Lindford resident Michael Grant was commuting from London Waterloo on Wednesday, November 27, when he was told the train would stop short at Farnham Station, with a “relief bus” to complete the rest of the journey.

“I was given categorical assurance that we would be dropped at Bentley Station,” Michael said.

“Two announcements were also made before we got off at Farnham, and there was a bus waiting for us at 12.10pm.”

Upon arrival at Farnham Station, Michael queried with the bus driver to ensure he would be dropped at the correct location, to which he was told “absolutely not”.

“I made the announcement to the entire queue and asked if anyone was going to Bentley Station, where three others put their hands up,” he said.

“The driver then phoned someone in the Midlands, who said they understood and would find someone to sort us out.”

Michael and three other passengers, a couple travelling from London and a woman whose car was at Bentley Station, decided to take a taxi together.

It was around 40 minutes after the train had first arrived at Farnham Station that he received a call, informing him that a taxi was there to take him and three other passengers home.

Instead, they had all returned home by choosing to split a taxi instead of waiting.

A spokesperson for South Western Railway responded, commenting: “We’re very sorry that this incident happened, and we have spoken to the bus company to investigate.

“The bus should have served Bentley Station, however due to an operational error the bus was too big for the turning circle at the station and therefore the bus served Bentley Village.

“We have been assured this was an isolated incident and will make sure this doesn’t happen again.”