A bestselling novelist has slammed Farnham Town Council plans to make an “industrial” art installation in Riverside Walk a permanent feature.

‘A Hand’s Turn’ was created in early 2023 by artists Natalie Bradwell and Livia Spinolo as “a sensory, tactile and interactive sculptural installation”.

But the £19,500 public art, funded by the University for the Creative Arts, has divided opinion ever since its appearance opposite the Farnham Maltings.

Previously likened to Madonna’s cone bra, a planning application to make the installation permanent has attracted more criticism.

Christi Daugherty, author of the hugely successful Night School series of young adult romantic thrillers, is one of nine public objectors to the town council plans so far – with just one writing in support.

She said the installation has already decayed “to an extraordinary degree”, has not been maintained, “with no indication that it will be maintained”.

“The art has had the unintended effect of making the area less attractive,” she added.

Mrs Daugherty concluded the installation is “too industrial for that bucolic location at the river's edge”, and should not be made permanent.

But Jenny James, of West Avenue in Farnham, wrote in support of the conical installation, saying “my children enjoy interacting with it whenever they walk past”.

She added: “With the University of Creative Arts being based in Farnham I think it is fitting and appropriate for the town to have sculptures and installations such as this – I only wish that there were more.”

Comment on the application (WA/2024/00487) online via https://tinyurl.com/AHandsTurn