Once again the toilet blocks on Lion Green in Shottermill have become the butt of the joke – but nobody is laughing. 

The “eyesore” toilets have been Photoshopped on to the memorial green in front of the town hall and posted on Facebook, sparking a debate about their appearance, placement and whether they should be removed.

The post's caption states: “Considering how much the Haslemere Town Council love this beautiful piece of design marvel, we, the residents of Lion Lane and Shottermill would love to gift it to them! 

“I’m sure they would agree that it adds much to the street scene on the high street!”

Most of the comments agree with the caption, with one saying: “Couldn’t agree more! It is the most hideous, blot on the landscape I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on.”

Another stated: "Considering Haslemere has always been so particular about its image, I can’t imagine how this eyesore ever got built in such a prominent position at the bottom of Lion Lane…"

But some have disagreed with the post. One said: “What would an aesthetically pleasing toilet block look like?

“It’s a functional building for a necessary use in an area frequented by many people who need access to a toilet.” 

While another added: "Personally I am pleased we are getting public loos. As a dog walker I am sure I will make use of them, my only concern is parking to be able to use them, with hindsight maybe where the original loo's were at the top of Weyhill carpark would have been a better location for day-to-day.

"But where they are will be useful for events on Lion Green, also I'm sure the pub customers will make good use of them when sat outside."

The town council’s weekly update has said: "Healthmatic Ltd have advised us that the drain connection is on track to be completed by October 13. Assuming this timeline holds, they will proceed immediately with the groundworks, paving, and finishing, barring any unforeseen weather-related complications or other potential issues."