A chartered financial planning firm from Farnham has partnered with its own employees in a show of faith and innovation.

Grierson Dickens Limited became an Employee Ownership Trust in March 2023, making its employees partners in the business.

Employees are at the forefront of everything the firm does and each one is aware and involved in the finances, structure and ethos of the business.

Director James Dickens said: “The key purpose of it was so that employees became genuine partners of the business and custodians of the proposition so they can carry on with what we built.

“It protects the future of the business independent of acquirers that increase the value of the business for their gain.”

This helps the business to provide their clients with a service that benefits them and their hourly-fee-based model provides clients with a bespoke financial plan rather than a run-of-the-mill commission-based investment programme.