A heart scan clinic has opened in Farnham town centre.

EchoMed, which is an accredited expert in cardiac ultrasound, has opened in the Carlton Yard Clinic in Farnham and offers heart scans for all.

Run by husband and wife Dr Edd and Alex Maclean, the team has a passion for helping people who may be concerned about the early symptoms of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease remains the UK’s number one killer, and early diagnosis is key to improving outcomes.

While the NHS continues to provide cardiac ultrasounds – known as ‘Echo’ scans – resources are limited, and so cardiac screening is restricted to only the most high-risk patients.

Anyone who is curious about their heart health and fitness, or has a family history of cardiac issues, can book an Echo scan with EchoMed.

The non-invasive test can identify numerous important heart conditions at the point of care.

It is the gold standard for evaluating the pumping function of the heart muscle, and also assesses the integrity of heart valves, including any leaks or restrictions.

Many people ignore the potential symptoms of heart conditions, such as shortness of breath, fatigue or dizzy spells.

In part this is because of the time the process of booking a GP appointment takes patients, who then have to wait for referral on to a hospital for consideration of further investigation.

Furthermore, many private clinics insist on costly consultations either side of the scan, which can make getting the answers people need time-consuming and expensive.

As a team of specialists, EchoMed’s goal is to make state-of-the-art diagnostics accessible to anyone concerned about their cardiovascular wellness.

EchoMed are positive that this will bring some peace of mind to many members of the community.

Dr Edd Maclean said: “At EchoMed, we believe in a more streamlined approach.

“Whether they have symptoms or not, our patients can book directly online – without a GP referral – then undergo a painless, 20-minute heart scan at our central Farnham clinic, receiving their results on the same day.

“For those with abnormal scans, our medical director is always available to explain the results in plain English, discuss the next steps, and organise onward referral if necessary.”

It’s estimated that more than two million people have heart valve disease in the UK, and many of them will be unaware.

Early diagnosis is key, so anyone who is concerned about possible cardiac symptoms, has a strong family history of cardiovascular disease, or is simply looking for reassurance about their fitness, can contact EchoMed.

Anyone who would like more information about EchoMed should visit its website at www.echomed.co.uk for further details, call 0333 444 3246, email [email protected] or visit the Carlton Yard Clinic on Victoria Road, Farnham.