The David Lloyd Club in Farnham has hosted a launch event for its new UMT Pod Centre.

The centre has massage chairs which give users access to exclusive meditations by unconscious mind therapist Robert Hisee.

The launch day event was held on Monday, January 9 and gave the public a chance to try the new machines.

Robert has helped cure phobias and improve the mindset of people across the country for many years, including many famous faces from reality TV stars to professional athletes.

Health and fitness has always been focused on the physical, but with mental health at the forefront of the news and suicide at an all-time high, Robert, along with his business partners, wanted to create an easily-accessible means of mental health support for the general public without having to seek out a therapist or spend months waiting for GP referrals.

UMT pods are fitted out with cocoon 6D real massage technology, vertical width, depth and rhythm massage, all giving an experience that can assist recovery or just simply give people a relaxing body massage.

Robert said: “While the chair works on your body, the inbuilt touch screen will give you a choice of different UMT sessions ranging from anxiety, addiction, depression, weight loss, confidence or just simple meditations, to name a few.

“With subtle lighting, stunning audio and powerful sessions, you will gently relax and fall into what is known as theta state.

“Theta brainwaves occur when you are in a deeply relaxed state and this is the perfect state of mind for learning and re-programming – put simply, this is when the magic happens.

“If you have anything you want to work on or simply just want the perfect wind down after an intense workout, then this will blow your mind.”

Anyone who would like to experience the UMT pods at the David Lloyd Club in Farnham can get in touch with a member of the gym to book a session.

Anyone who would like more information on the David Lloyd Club in Farnham should call 01252 731340, visit the club’s website at
farnham/ or email [email protected] for further details.