A county councillor has raised concerns about the state of the roads in Farnham and delays repairing potholes after the recent cold snap.

Farnham North councillor Catherine Powell said there were “some really nasty potholes across the whole of Farnham”, and cited a particularly bad example on Upper Hale Road that she said was was “virtually impossible to avoid” and caused multiple tyre blow-outs before a temporary fix.

Cllr Powell said she and residents reported this hole to Surrey’s highways team “several times to no avail”, and it was only when she called again to report cars were now regularly blowing tyres that a temporary repair was carried out “within hours”.

A permanent repair is to follow, she added.

Cllr Powell continued: “I am told because of the sheer number of potholes they are doing temporary repairs for speed to make safe and then they will come back to each site and use the new ‘15m2’ strategy to repair not just the reported pothole but other potholes that fall within a 15m2 area.”

The situation in Monkton Lane is also particularly bad, she said.

“The whole road was under water for nearly four weeks, and I am told they are now having to resurface before they can reopen the road. That will be going on this week.”

A Surrey County Council spokesperson said: SCC spokesperson: “We have some of the country’s busiest roads and this naturally takes its toll but we’re working incredibly hard to improve Surrey’s roads. This is reflected in our investment, with £188m being spent on improving and maintaining our roads and pavements over the next five years.

“In the interests of time and safety it is sometimes necessary for us to carry out temporary pothole repairs first, but this will always be followed up with a permanent fix. We are also looking at new, larger-scale fixes in appropriate circumstances in an effort to avoid repeat visits to defects where possible.

“Following recent snow, ice and heavy rain we have seen an increase in potholes forming as is often common during the winter months and we have increased our resources to manage this.”

The public are asked to report any potholes they see that pose an immediate risk by calling 0300 200 1003 or on the county council website.